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    Magnesium is another nutrient poorly tolerated in large oral doses. Magnesium with trace minerals is commonly administered intravenously to replenish magnesium levels, however, large doses administered IV can trigger magnesium dumping via a the kidneys. Liposomal magnesium lengthens the serum delivery time enhancing cellular uptake and storage. The liposome encapsulation also protects the digestive system from the laxative effects of magnesium while enhancing absorption.
    Supplement Facts: 1 tsp (5ml) provides: Magnesium Chloride 315mg (78% DV). Trace Mineral Complex: Sodium 4.2mg (0.175% DV), Potassium 3.2mg (0.091% DV), Calcium 14.2mg (1.42% DV), Iron 1mg (5.5% DV), Manganese 190mcg (9.5% DV), Antimony 39mcg (DV not est.), Barium 39mcg (DV not est.), Copper 99mcg 4.95% DV), Molybdenum 29mcg (38.6% DV), Selenium 1.61mg (2,300% DV), Zinc 39mcg (0.26% DV), EPL 1g, in a base of filtered water and alcohol.
    Note: this product has a bitter taste and is best for those with a citrate sensitivity or when trace minerals are desired.