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For all our additional terms of service please see this page.

You may return any* product within the following guidelines.
Unopened product within 30 days of receipt.
Defective product packaging within 7 days.
Defective or spoiled product within 90 days of the expiration date.

Opened product will not be refunded.

Return postage: Prepaid return postage will be provided via email as an attached PDF or hard copy by regular USPS mail at your preference. Returns must be made with our return postage. Packaging requirements see below.

Packages marked "return to sender" or "refused" will not be refunded. You must have a return authorization number to make a return. Please contact us at 205-758-3373 or CustomerService@HealthNatura.com to receive your authorization number. Returns made without notice may delay or void your refund.
Refunds will be made for the actual value originally paid for the product less shipping and a restocking fees. Funds will be dispersed via the same method used to make the original payment. Refunds will not be made payable to any name other than the one on file for the original order. Refunds on behalf of the deceased will be made to their estate by the method requested by the executor of the estate.

Restocking fees will be assessed at $2 or cost of return postage with tracking and insurance.

Packaging your return: You must pack your return in a similar manner as it was shipped to you. You will be provided additional instructions at the time of your request.

*Private label and custom formulated products are not eligible for return or refund.