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Simply Methylene Blue Ready to Use Solution 1oz

Simply Methylene Blue a simple water, & alcohol solution of high purity methylene blue without any added excipients or fillers. No, glycerin or preservatives. Drops per bottle, 650-700.
Now only available in a glass.
Please select this products if you do not laboratory or compounding experience. This ready to use solution is made from our 98% Pure USP Methylene Blue in a distilled water solution providing 100 mcg per drop.
This is a high purity USP grade methylene blue.
Known as a heterocyclic aromatic chemical compound, with a chemical formula of C16H18ClN3S and a molar mass of 319.85 g/mol. It appears as a solid, odorless, dark green powder when held at room temperature. However, when mixed with water, the green powder dissolves and yields a characteristic blue solution that is extensively used in medicine and medical research.

For more information and some cited research visit the following.
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