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True K2 Super A-D-K-E (4 ounce)

List Price: $200.00
Our Price: $180.00
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True K2 Super A-D-K-E is a high potency fat soluble vitamin program all in one. Packed with all of our most popular vitamins now you can have the convenience and value of an all in one supplement.
Includes measuring cup. Packed in a glass 4oz bottle.
True K2 is a bio-identical vitamin K2 as Mk4/Mk7 complex with added D3 in an MCT base. Vegan, ultra clean, 95% pure K2 is an Mk4 dominant fraction type K2 in an oil base. The only form of K2 supplement that is the real thing.

Only available in glass packaging.

To understand why why we label this product in it's K2 fractions please see my Full Disclosure article on the True K2 home page.

Supplement Facts
Servings per container - 24
1 teaspoon (5ml) provides
Vitamin A palmatate 4,000iu
Vitamin D3 - 6,000iu
Vitamin K2 complex 20mg
Mk4 - 17.8mg
Mk7 - 2.2mg
Other menaquinones - Trace
Whole E mixed tocopherols - 1 gram
Alpha tocopherol 131iu
In a base of MCT oil from coconut.

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